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Reference Material

An op-ed in The Huffington Post by James Bell (W. Haywood Burns Institute) called for re-authorization of the JJDPA and asked society to “pierce the veil of supposedly ‘tough on crime’ legislation,” and “The Keeper and the Kept…” is the second in a series from the W. Haywood Burns Institute that endeavors to address all aspects of reducing disparities in the juvenile justice system. The report examines the “ecology” of local juvenile justice systems and provides strategies for disparities reform. The authors offer 13 key elements of an intentional approach to reducing disparities including conducting a jurisdictional assessment, establishing constituent meetings, collecting the appropriate data, and creating alternatives to detention.

Children’s Center for Law and Policy
Launched in 2007 as a project of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the DMC Action Network brings together state and local leaders from 21 select jurisdictions to expose them to the latest tools and ideas to effectively and sustainably reduce the disproportionate contact of racial and ethnic minority youth with the juvenile justice system. The Network, which is managed by the Center for Children’s Law and Policy, also provides jurisdictions with the opportunity to exchange information about strategy implementation and employ data to measure results.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
OJJDP – DMC Technical Manual, 4th Edition, 2009