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The Missouri Juvenile Justice Association is committed to improving the Missouri juvenile justice system for the sake of the children in need of a future. As part of that commitment, in 2012, a workgroup was developed and designated with the task of examining the lives of female justice involved youth and how to better meet their needs and improve their well-being through treatment and services provided to this special population. The workgroup examined several relevant topics such as current trends in female offending, female development theories, risk factors and correlates, gender responsive services and best practices. As a result of their efforts, the workgroup developed The Gender Responsive Guidelines: Taking a Look at the Female Justice Involved Youth through a Gender Lens which is available by request or view/download here.

The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify, facilitate and enhance Missouri’s commitment to preventing female juvenile delinquency and promoting positive development of at-risk girls. To improve the ability of the Juvenile Justice System and related service providers to identify and address the specific and unique needs of at-risk girls and juvenile female offenders.

Special thanks to the Gender Responsive Workgroup for their contribution and assistance to The Missouri Juvenile Justice Association and the development and oversight of this project:

Christina Gamblin – Gender Responsive Services Program Coordinator – Missouri Juvenile Justice Association

Perry Epperly – Family Court Administrator – 31st Judicial Circuit

Kevin Hess – Superintendent, Juvenile Detention Center – 33rd Judicial Circuit

Bryana French Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Black Studies Program Educational, School and Counseling Psychology Dept. UMC

Jennifer Booher – Training and Development Coordinator – Missouri Division of Youth Services

Carrie Bolm – Chief Program Officer of Community Based Services- Great Circle

J.J. Gossrau – Missouri Department of Mental Health

Dr. Lawanda Ravoira & Vanessa Patino Lydia – Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center