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Our Purpose

MJJA envisions a preferred future in which the public is aware and supportive of the delivery of quality juvenile justice services to the children of Missouri.

To reach this desired future, MJJA recognizes certain core values intrinsic to the organization:

In this preferred future, MJJA demonstrates leadership by maintaining and enhancing quality collaborative training opportunities and forums for sharing expertise to guide and support the professional development of its broad based membership and Missouri’s juvenile justice system.

As an advocate of children’s rights and services, MJJA is recognized as a proactive leader in Missouri and nationally. MJJA’s leadership is reflected in maintaining a leading juvenile justice information clearinghouse and effectively serving and addressing issues raised by the diverse agencies involved in the juvenile justice system.

MJJA serves as an expert consultant at the request of the Office of the Governor and state and community lawmakers; leads the development of uniform standards, practices and procedures in juvenile care, and; promotes the need for adequate resources for all services within Missouri’s juvenile justice system.

MJJA's goals are to:

MJJA Code of Ethics

MJJA Bylaws