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MJJA Journalism Award

2003 Recipient of the Award:
West Plains Daily Quill

In 2003, while much of the juvenile justice and child welfare system was under scrutiny, being discussed and re-designed, Frank Martin, Editor of the West Plains Daily Quill, did something unusual and commendable.

He began publishing a series on Missouri’s juvenile justice and child welfare system – following a child and family as a "sample" case through the system highlighting the FACTS and protocol of what actually occurs in Missouri’s juvenile justice/child welfare system.

Frank’s paper also began keeping and publishing statistics which highlighted crimes against children, that occurred in the West Plains community to educate the public to what is "actually" occurring. This information was (and continues to be found) on the front page of the Daily Quill.

A copy of the Quill’s series was provided to all those in attendance by Frank Martin. We thank him for that lovely gesture. MJJA’s Board of Directors was made aware of Frank’s efforts, and wanted to acknowledge his paper’s excellence in reporting. Frank accepted the Award at MJJA's Fall Educational Conference October 30, 2003.

The Award read as follows: The Missouri Juvenile Justice Association presented this EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM AWARD to the West Plains Daily Quill for its outstanding series on Missouri’s juvenile justice system. The unbiased and factual content of each article served to educate thousands of readers to the important and challenging work of those within Missouri’s juvenile justice system who serve over 87,000 children each year. The integrity displayed in your reporting reflects a strong commitment to children in need of a future.